İsmet Gencer / Alarko
Senior Vice President

The Istanbul fair is larger and provides much larger areas where all manufacturers, including those coming from abroad exhibit their products and innovations and you, as the founder of this fair, already know how many square meters it is. So the Istanbul fair is very powerful and far more ahead but if we talk about İzmir, what SODEX realizes here is a fair plus a symposium, both in equal weight; so I believe there are some differences.

It had started as a symposium first in 1993 and held first in İzmir. This fair was very important and made great contribution to the development of the sector both in İstanbul and in other cities. 1993 was actually like a milestone for the HVAC sector.  Just like the İzmir Economy Congress, it is important in our history.

We have been participating in the SODEX fairs both in İzmir and in İstanbul, since their establishment. We have participated in all SODEX fairs, both in İzmir and in İstanbul; therefore we can say that we will be happy to exhibit our products in the following years again and we believe that we will be participating in the fairs.

Serhat Yıldızman / KLS
Production Planning and OEM Technical Support

We have been participating in teskon+SODEX for 7-8 years. We are happy about participating in teskon+SODEX because this fair is important for us. This is not only a fair but also like a congress, a symposium, a seminar that is shaping the sector so it is good for us. As long as this sector and we, our competitors, our customers, our partners and friends, all of us become more conscious, we can bring this sector to a better place, we can manufacture better, more efficient devices and this is important for us. We therefore are happy about participating and we have been here since 2010.

We are a company located in İzmir and we participate in teskon+SODEX 2017 from here. Here in İzmir we can address both the local companies and our business partners. We are also planning to deliver services in the international market and serve foreign companies from here. At the moment all our business partners, suppliers, most of the companies that we work with are located in İzmir. We are planning to extend our operations to the whole Turkish market and abroad from here.
We are present in teskon+SODEX 2017 and we are planning to participate in ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2018 as well. We consider İzmir and İstanbul connected with each other as each fair, each congress is following one another. We are able to get feedback by participating in the important fairs and this is important for us in this competitive environment. At the moment we are planning and would like to participate again. Anyhow we participate every year and I suppose we will participate next year. 

Manuel Togaç / Karyer
Marketing Division Manager

SODEX Fair has been an important fair for us for many years now. We wanted to participate again this year and it was important that this fair was in İzmir because we have just made a new investment in Akhisar and we wanted to discuss this with the companies.

We wanted to be here because the teskon+SODEX fair is an important show for us. We wanted to meet the fair participants and visitors and talk to them on various projects. I believe that participation in this fair will be very good for us. We are also present in the SODEX fair; our company will be represented again in this fair which will be held in 2018. We believe that these fairs will lead to good results for our company.

ISK-SODEX Istanbul has more international participants, it is a more general fair held in Istanbul. On the other hand the purpose in teskon is rather bringing together the local participants here in the congress and meeting with one another. In this regard it is also an important opportunity for us to meet our customers in Izmir and the local participants.
We have been participating in SODEX for long years and likewise we have participated in teskon in previous years also. We also want to come together with our visitors here this year. The significance of these fairs for us is always different because we are able to present our new products, show our different and new projects and present our works to our visitors and our customers in a better way. And since they visit our booth we together can discuss their current needs in a closer way with one-on-one meetings.

Murat Sözübir / Viessmann
Sales Manager

teskon+SODEX Fair is very busy for us. This is a very important fair for us because it is regionally held every two years. It is an opportunity for the sector shareholders, mechanics, engineers to come together and exchange ideas, see the innovations in their field of expertise and come together with us in order to learn about all those.

ISK-SODEX Istanbul is of course a larger fair. The investors and the sector shareholders are trying to participate in these fairs and they do participate. These fairs are important for us because we are able to meet everyone more frequently. As Viessmann we are celebrating our 100th anniversary this year all around the world and meeting the sector shareholders in such environments and exchanging information with them are just as important for us as our own events. Therefore I can say that both of the fair in İstanbul and the teskon+SODEX fair in İzmir are very good and very effective for us.
We participate regularly in the ISK-SODEX Istanbul and the teskon+SODEX fairs and we have good returns. So we are planning to be present in the coming fairs as well.

Nadir Sarkuş / liNear
Business Development

We are a German software company and our target group is normally planners and project developers. In Turkey we are participating in all SODEX fairs in Istanbul and Ankara for 5 years, we are participating in the İzmir fair for the first time. Interestingly in this fair we met a customer or visitor group that we had not met in previous fairs. There was a customer or visitor group who was closely interested in or who knew the issues well. The reason is probably that the SODEX fair is held here together with teskon and conferences. This normally results in participating of colleagues who are involved. Our observations in the first two days are really great, we are happy about the fair. We have discussed it within the company and we are planning to participate again in the next İzmir fair.

These fairs bring together all companies in the sector and all visitors on the same platform. Our first target group is planners and project developers. Normally in SODEX planner and project development companies also visit the fair and we are able to meet directly with our target group. It covers various regions; Central Anatolia, the Marmara Region and the Aegean Region which also includes the Mediterranean Region. A great synergy is created between the three fairs concerning potential customers. We are therefore planning to continue to participate in the fairs.

Kerim Gümrükçüler / İmbat
Chairman of the Board

We have always wanted to support teskon since the very beginning and we are always standing behind it and will continue to do the same. It is important for Turkey.

All project developers in Turkey are here since they listen to the presentations or they are involved in the trainings themselves. We also have the students. Maybe they are the project engineers or contractors of five years from now. They are also an important group for us.

SODEX is the trademark fair of our field. We have been participating for a long time; in other words, since the time it was not named SODEX. We would like to thank for yet another thing, the SODEX fair in Istanbul is now known everywhere, people are asking about it when we go to Europe.

We have always participated in the SODEX fairs in İstanbul and in İzmir until now and we will continue to participate.

Rebii M. Dağoğlu / Aldağ
Member of Board

Merging of teskon and SODEX events in İzmir has accelerated this fair and created a serious recognition. Thus it turned into a serious platform where companies with engineering knowledge that come from a R&D culture and have innovative production mechanisms would like to show themselves.

We have presented our vertical, package type air conditioning units to the professionals of the sector for the first time in this teskon+SODEX Fair. This is a revolutionary product in air conditioning in Turkey. I believe that we have broken new ground in the sector and we had the chance to introduce this to the sector professionals thanks to the teskon + SODEX Fair.
I believe that fair organizations also incorporating seminars, panel discussions on R&D, innovations and sector developments will be one step ahead compared to their counterparts. I think this is what makes teskon important.
In fact we have been participating in this fair for long years. We are one of the main players of the sector and thus we are also one of the main participants of the fair. Our products are always a focus of interest in these fairs.

This environment created thanks to teskon+SODEX, which is open for developments, is turning into a structure where everyone can contribute. I believe this should be the main idea in these types of organizations and we are on the right track. Therefore we will again be participating in ISK-SODEX Istanbul which we took a break for a few years and we will be present there with all our might.

Seçkin Tuncer Erdoğmuş / Doğu İklimlendirme
General Manager

teskon and SODEX are both very strong brands separately. This is the 13th teskon congress and we have been participating in these events for long years. This is in fact our contribution to our sector because this congress serves the sector with reports, seminars and courses. We are happy to be a part of this congress because we are a part of this sector. This congress has become much stronger with the contributions of SODEX and the number of participating companies increase every day. The quality also rises and this has become a significant power all together. We believe that we can reach out to our target group in these fairs. Because there are project companies, mechanical installation companies among the visitors and these are companies that wish to follow the sector and the innovations. We want to meet with our customers and project companies with our latest technology products in this fair and we are quite successful in this regard.

Since the surface area of the fair is small there are very important advantages; because we can meet with our customers who we can never see in the mess of larger fairs and have close dialogue with them. One to one contacts are easier since the area is small and this is one advantage of this fair. And regarding the target audience, as I have told just before, all innovative companies that follow the sector closely and want to make use of the reports and the courses in this fair are participating as visitors and we can have contacts with these visitors.

ISK-SODEX Istanbul is now a world brand. When we look at the profiles of the participants and the visitors it is a platform where international companies show their products and also a platform where international visitors increasingly come. To tell the truth we are not participating in this fair for the Turkish market; this has become a platform where we meet almost all our customers from Europe, and our customers in the Middle East and the Turkic Republics. This is very important for us. We also meet with our customers in Turkey so it is a fair where we have both and this is very important. As I told it has become a brand itself. SODEX is now seen as one of the largest three fairs in Europe, this is very important for us. We never thought about not participating; it is always in our plans every year or every two years. Next year again in February 2018 we will be exhibiting our products in a larger booth and meeting our customers. This is very important for us.

We will be participating in the ISK-SODEX Istanbul fair in February 2018; we will be meeting our customers and our suppliers in this fair. Again in teskon+SODEX we are always in the same location and in 2019 we will be happy to preserve our location in the basement floor and exhibit our products to our customers.